The Story

How It All Started

In the midst of the spectacular volcanic landscape of La Geria on Lanzarote lies the charming inn “El Chupadero”. Over 40 years ago, the ruin was lovingly restored and brought to life by a restaurateur from Germany. Today it is a unique place that combines art, culture and jazz music. The atmosphere is incomparable and the Canarian wine served here makes the hearts of wine lovers beat faster.

The history of La Geria

La Geria on Lanzarote is a unique wine-growing area whose history is closely linked to the eruptions of the Timanfaya volcano in the 18th century. The volcanic ash covered the entire area and destroyed the fertile soils. However, the locals developed an innovative method by digging small crescent-shaped pits filled with volcanic ash to plant vines. This unique technique allows the vines to thrive and produce first-class wines despite the difficult conditions.